Tickets to heaven! [EN]

That is how dream looks like!

In ’90s, sad Polish reality did not give big perspectives to nobody. There was no places to play football like chlidren have today, there was no computers, even mobile phones, but that time everybody knew where to find his friends and just ball worth several „złotych” was enough to make smile on our faces for all the holidays. The heart and will was enough to change ordinary match into something special! I remember days when I was coming back home with my father crying that my team lost the game, as we would play for a World Cup.

The first time when I was paying attention to the most important event on our planet was in Korea&Japan. Poland played in one group with Portugal, USA and South Korea. Unfortunately being favourite to take at least 2nd place we did not advance further and our dreams were killed in group stage. Finally in the final Germany was beaten by Brasil and then everybody wanted to play like Ronaldo and one of my friend even made hairstyle like him.

4 years later „Copa” came to Polish’s west neighbours. Living only 500 km from Berlin where was final match, I even did not think once about going there – it was too far away… that time even if I had this event in my hometown I would not go nowhere because of it is „too far, expensive and it is a thing I cannot afford”.

Finally 6 years later came magic 2012 and I went to Portugal for Erasmus. I met thousands amazing people from all over the world, we were partying, travelling, having fun together and finally I decided that my goal will be to learn Portuguese and go to Rio de Janeiro for a World Cup in 2014! I had a little less than 2 years to made it true, but well. Today my father convinced me to buy a tickets and in June I AM GOING TO RIO DE JANEIRO!!!! And if 10th of January FIFA will approve me as a volunteer… well – I will be in heaven. If not – I can buy a ticket, or „at least” feel this fantastic atmosphere everywhere around me in the capital of football with my best Brasilian friends!

So never be affraid about dreaming. Just To It!




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